Ms. United States 2017

Toni Burnett

Your 2017 Ms. United States is Toni Burnett of Maryland! Toni is a 2010 graduate of St. John’s University with a degree in Communication Arts.

Toni comes from a big family with well over 175 living members.

Toni was bullied her entire childhood and found solace in books. Toni knows the importance of books in creating and cultivating peace of mind. She dedicates her time and resources to organizations such as Reading Partners that enrich the lives of underprivileged students with one-on-one tutoring in fundamental educational skills such as reading and comprehension. She also volunteers several days a week to make sure she is giving her best to the children she works with.

Toni’s hobbies include bellydancing, flying trapeze, silk and aerial yoga, playing the violin and piano, modeling, and community advocacy.

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