Miss Teen United States 2017

Taylor Flake

Your Miss Teen United States 2017 is Taylor Flake of Taylorsville, Kentucky! Taylor is 18 years old and is the daughter of Charles and Tricia Flake. Taylor is currently a sophomore at Kentucky Christian University where she is majoring in biology with a minor in psychology.

Taylor graduated a year early from Christian Educational Consortium and received a $64,000 scholarship to her first choice college.

Taylor’s platform is the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Her younger sister was diagnosed with a nut allergy and at the time, her family did not realize that it wasn’t as easy as just not giving her nuts to eat. There is so much more to a nut allergy; it is in the bread, jelly, snacks, and other items that one may not expect. It wasn’t until this diagnosis that Taylor’s family understood how many people suffer from food allergies. Through her platform, Taylor hopes to raise awareness to food allergies and instill a proactive plan on how to stop cross contamination and treat those allergies.

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